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Why Join?

Kennett Square's premier and ONLY private Club offers members and guests the ultimate social and recreational experience. Fueled by high quality guest service, the team at Kennett Square is committed to making every visit special. 

Kennett Square currently offers a variety of membership categories that cater towards all interests and abilities. Whether you are in the market for a new golf environment, you are ready to hit the racuqet courts, or you simply want a new place to make friends and enjoy good meals - KSGCC has something for everyone. Contact our membership office today to schedule a personal tour to learn more! 


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If this sounds like the kind of place you’ve been looking for, start a no-obligation conversation with us about membership opportunities. We will send you some additional materials via email. We can also set up a phone call with a current member or facilitate a visit to the club.

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Seven Reason To Join

Membership Categories:

  • All Sports* - Family | Single | Single Golfer with Family 
  • Pool & Racquets - Family | Single
  • Pool 
  • Dining
*Junior & Intermediate Rates available for All Sports Members under the age of 40. 

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If you’d like to learn more about what makes KSGCC different from other country clubs, get in touch and we can send you more information.

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Life at Kennett Square 


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If you can see how the value of a country club membership goes well beyond a typical public golf course or pool membership, get in touch so we can send you more information, set up a call with a current member or arrange a time for you to stop by the club.

We are looking forward to including you in the unique club experiences KSGCC has to offer. Take the next step, with no obligation to join, and request more information about membership opportunities at KSGCC.

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